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Microsoft CRM

Fee Based Support

Fee Based Support is a per incident support model, for when you have issues outside of the warranty period, or if the issues you have under warranty are not related to product installation, error messages, and simple database setup or conversion.Incidents that are not covered under Warranty Support and are included in Fee Based Support would include (but is not limited to):

  • E Mail Setup
  • Sales opportunity setup
  • Creating groups and adding contacts to them
  • Setting up synchronisation
  • Transferring a database to another computer
  • Setting up a mail merge
  • Adding fields to a database or layout
  • Building a query to search for contacts
  • Customisation of toolbars or menus
  • Adding users to a database
  • Setting up a shared database on a network
  • Errors with opening a database on a network
  • Modifying a label or envelope
  • How Do I questions

Remote support AUD $195/hr (ex GST)
Onsite support AUD $250/hr (ex GST)

Advanced support services

Advanced Support Services are those activities that require a higher level of technical expertise to complete. This would include:

  • Synchronisation Troubleshooting
  • Adding additional ACT! Databases
  • Installing, Troubleshooting and Uninstalling the Microsoft SQL database
  • Password Recovery Services

These services are charged at a higher rate than Fee Based Incident support services.


Remote support AUD $195/hr (ex GST)
Onsite support AUD $250/hr (ex GST)

Password disclosure

This is a service that assists you in retrieving the password if it has been lost or forgotten. It involves a technician accessing a client’s database and determining the password/s. This service requires that you email or send on a portable disk a copy of the database to us.


Per password disclosure AUD $100 (ex GST)

Database repair

The Contact Group will make every effort to recover data from a corrupt database. It is recognised however that this may not always be possible. This service requires that the database be emailed or sent to The Contact Group on a portable disk. The Contact Group will then evaluate the database and determine the viability of repair. On completion of the evaluation a quote on the cost of repair will be provided. On written acceptance of the quote, work on the database will commence. The evaluation process takes time and as such is a chargeable service.


Database Repair Evaluation Fee AUD $100 (ex GST)
Database Repair Per Incident quote provided on completion of evaluation

Database repair limitations

The Contact Group cannot guarantee the amount of data, if any, that can be recovered. Some database structure and/or record information may not be recoverable. If the The Contact Group technician determines that there is significant data loss, you’ll be contacted immediately. At that time, you’ll have the option to cancel the job.

As each database repair is different, The Contact Group cannot guarantee the amount of time spent on the repair, if the The Contact Group technician determines that the cost to repair the database is higher than the quoted cost, you will be contacted immediately. At which time you may cancel the job.

If the Database Repair Service is cancelled after work has begun, you will be charged for the time taken to repair the database to that point in time.

The Database Repair service is only available for

  • ACT! Databases running on Microsoft SQL server
  • ACT! Version 6 – 2.0 for windows databases

The database must be either

  • from a supported version of ACT!
  • upgraded to a supported version of ACT!