Online Marketing

Online Marketing

In this day and age, there are 2 online tools that every business simply must have:

  • A Business Website
  • A Business Facebook Page

Whilst many businesses have setup their own website, an alarmingly small number of Australian businesses have setup their own Facebook page.

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the first place people go to check out your business (after your website of course). With this much exposure for your business, it is simply mad for your business not to have Facebook presence (not to mention it's free and takes only 5 minutes to setup)!

Promoting Your Business Facebook Page.

The tricky part is actually promoting your business Facebook page. Getting all of your friends and family to like your business Facebook page will only get you so far, and hiring an online Marketing Agency is very expensive without any guarantee of results. That's where we come in! We can promote your business Facebook page, and generate over 10,000 likes for your business for less than $200! And we can deliver that result for you in less than 1 week. And our service comes with a 100% guarantee. If we don't deliver the number of likes you requested, then you don't pay.

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