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We are driven to exceed expections – our goal is your success and future growth.

About Eyecatchers Solutions

Specialist in CRM Solutions and Training

We help businesses succeed with their CRM strategy and achieve their goals. You are choosing a partner with a proven track record of delivering successful CRM projects.

Our experienced CRM consultants focus on customising your system to make it easy for you to use on a day to day basis, to make your processes more efficient, and to provide you with powerful reporting and business insights.

We provide transparent pricing and a clear understanding of the total cost of ownership.

  • We work in-house to maximise quality control, responsiveness and flexibility.
  • We are enthusiastic because we love what we do and the results we achieve.
  • We have a proven track record with many long-term clients.
  • We invest in ourselves to remain at the forefront of the industry.

What We're Offering

Our Services

CRM Setup & Deployment

One size does not fit all! Critical to the success of your CRM solution is to ensure that it has been properly customised to drive your every business process from top to bottom! [Read More]

CRM Training

Whether you're new to CRM and just want to get the basics under your belt, or an advanced CRM user of years, one of our CRM Trainers will show you how to get TWICE the benefits.. [Read More]

CRM Consulting

Make no mistakes about it - the difference between a good CRM design and a great CRM design will have a direct and significant impact on your business's bottom line.. [Read More]

ACT! Data Services

If you need your existing Customer and Prospect lists in your ACT! database, then let us make sure it is done right and with no fuss! No matter what your Data requirements are.. [Read More]

ACT! Hosting Services

Do you want to use ACT! but don't have a Server for the job? Or maybe you just don't want to bother with having to manage your ACT! Database yourself? Then the ACT! Hosting.. [Read More]

Online Marketing

Want to know more about this Online Marketing service? Call our team on 1300 654 905 to speak to one of our Online Marketing Consultants, or click on the link below and one of.. [Read More]

Our Products

Helping Your Business Grow Through Our Technologies

We deliver a quality service, driven to exceed expectations. We push ourselves and those around us to look beyond existing practices to deliver the best outcome for the customer. We break through barriers using our deep technical knowledge to overcome and succeed.

ACT! CRM is a favourite of SMB's Worldwide with many add-ons available with on-premise..

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Customer relationship management Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you reduce costs and increase profitability.

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Office 365 gives you virtually anytime and anywhere access to the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on.

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Eyecatchers Solutions

We Are a Dynamic Team of Professional CRM Specialists

Customer Relationship Management is more than just software; it is part of a whole business strategy. We build strong business partnerships with our clients over many years and have clients we have worked with for more than two decades.

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  • CRM Training
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Fully Australian owned and operated with 100% Australian-based staff and all data held in Australian data centres.


Our consultants are engaged, supportive, bold and keen to understand your needs.


We make sure we speak in a way that ensures clarity, accessibility and engagement.


Our solutions are practical, functional, and relevant to your requirements without any unnecessary extras or superfluous elements.

We put your needs first

We get to know you, and identify your goals.

Experienced professionals

Our CRM specialists are highly experienced.

Client-Focused Services

Our priority is to address your objectives.

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What We're Offering

Why Do You Need Expert CRM Guidance?

We live in a knowledge economy. An economy that is powered by innovation, by technology; all of which can be enhanced by expert CRM guidance. If you don’t know the nature of the world, you can’t innovate. You can't market. A modern company needs knowledge in order to function. Our expert guidance is measured by our skillsets – our ability to work well within a team and to find the best solutions. Eyecatchers Solutions fully scope your project and provide guidance and advice to ensure your project is delivered.

  • CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It's a sophisticated software platform that allows you to store and organise all of your customer information. This software platform comes in various forms so you can choose something that is best suited for your business. It will help you keep track of all your customers and their interactions with you.

  • In a highly competitive business landscape, where customer expectations are constantly evolving, CRM serves as a valuable tool to help businesses build lasting relationships, boost operational efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. CRM doesn't just store your customer contact information; it allows you to add notes and observations, which can have an impact on future communications and marketing efforts. In addition, an efficient CRM platform will allow you to schedule emails, set automatic responses, send texts, and remind you to contact customers at a set time. CRM allows you to track your marketing productivity and see the return on investment. While products and services bring money into the business, customers are your most important assets. CRM helps you gain more leads and nurture them into becoming customers.

  • Absolutely, CRM systems can significantly improve customer service by providing tools and features that enhance communication, streamline processes, and allow businesses to better understand and meet customer needs.

Customers Testimonials

Voted #1 by those who matter most

All of our staff can now share and communicate the required information... The ACT! solution has been an unqualified success!

Richard Glendinning

ACT! has really helped us to put all of our contacts in one place. Easy to use and easy to keep up to date! Great!!!

Heidi Carmona

A superior product and excellent team, you would be hard pressed to find a better combination anywhere! Well done!!

Mark Dorling

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